Sunday, 1 July 2012

inspiration : Keep it simple

found : Red Rhino Productions

Guess what I found on Etsy today. Cool, minimalistic bangles that make my heart sigh. Yep. IS THAT COPPER WIRE I SEE? oh gosh.

The lady behind Red Rhino Productions is Jessica, and she hails from Germany. After being the owner of a boutique for 4 years, she created Red Rhino Productions, just for her creative ideas. Here, let me convince you with some pretty pictures from her store. :)

There, go see how creative some people can be, feel jealous, then be overwhelmed with the desire to buy a tonne of her jewelry. Have a good day, y'all!

Monday, 28 May 2012

This made my day

Today I received a note from a buyer saying that the Cornichello Horn Charm Necklace in my store reminds her of her Italian great aunts. How awesome is that. :D People like her is what keeps the handmade community going. To know that something you've created has a special meaning for someone, is the best feeling an artist can ask for.

And now, moving on to stuff that occupies most of my daydreams. This dreamy, magical, hauntingly beautiful song by french songstress (which is chanteuse, in French. You know, if you're feeling a little parisian today, hah.) Cecile Corbel.
And now, repeat after me : I shall listen to this music video. I shall be mesmerized by its hollow beauty. And I shall listen to it another 20 times more.
Great, now go and have yourself a happy Tuesday. ;)

And if any of you know french, here are the lyrics :

Dis moi combien combien de deniers
Forgeron pour ferrer mon coursier
C'est cinq sols pour vous mon prince
Seulement cinq sols et un dernier

Chorus : 
J'entends chanter
J'entends chanter
La fille damnée
J'entends chanter
A la lune montante
J'entends l'oiseau chanter
Ma jolie ma si jolie
File dans la nuit

Au premier fer que tu mettras
Mon bon père il va t'appeler
Au premier clou que tu poseras
Il va t'appeler mon père


Qui est ce diable qui m'appele père
Dis moi qui était sur le champ
C'est la fille ta chère fille jeanne
Ta fille morte et enterrée

Dis moi ma fille qui t'a damnée
Là bas sur la lande et les blés
C'est cet homme le long de la mer
Chaque jour il venait me trouver

Prenez mon corps ma bague et ma robe
Sous la lune il faut les brûler
A la brume vous jetterez mes cendres
Au vent au vent vous les jetterez


Monday, 23 April 2012

Shops : Miles of Light

Today, I found this delightful store filled with elegant, beautiful prints.

The carefully arranged and coordinating little pieces of nature gives me a sense of quietness. I'm in love. :-) 
Now hop over to Miles of Light and check out more of Romina's beautiful breathtaking photography. Oh, she has a blog too! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Origins Series and Charms Series

I've added new collections of jewelry to my small shop a few weeks ago. :-) You can find them at

I've always had a soft spot for vintage things, and the new Charms Series is a small tribute to that. The charms are collected from vintage collections, and even the chain is vintage. 
A nice way to carry luck around with you!